Improved Vending Services with Smart Technology

An Improved Vending Experience

Nothing is more frustrating for a guest or employee than watching a purchased selection get stuck during the vending process.

While miss-vends can happen, our sensor technology can detect the problem and solve it for your customer, reducing frustration and fulfilling their expectation.

Dropbox Sensor Technology

Sensor technology located in the dropbox detects whether a selection has successfully fallen and is accessible to the consumer.

If the selection is not detected, our machine will freeze sales on the failed row and inform customers to cancel their purchase or make another selection.

"Make Another Selection"

If a miss-vend occurs, the message “make another selection” is displayed on the selection order box.  The customer can now make another selection and depending on the item selected, our machine will determine to request more money or return the difference.

Customers are also able to cancel their purchase and receive their refund.

Temperature Sensitivity

Interested in serving dairy products or other selections that are temperature sensitive?

Our machines have settings to protect these items from a change in temperature that could damage your product and make it unsafe. 

If a high temperature is detected, the machine has the capability to disallow purchases from certain rows that could be spoiled.